There was a boy and girl who always wanted to be like Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa to save the world. Since neither of them were indians, lawyers or nuns, but happen to be born in Colombia and living in Australia with a passion for fashion they came up with this idea.


We manufacture our label mostly by using local textiles, premium denim that travels a little bit less than others, we only use laundries that recycle water and non-toxic dyes. Our production is moderate in its environmental footprint because Kutie Protocol does not encourage excess or unnecessary waste, it invests in eco-friendly technologies and in sustainable production techniques.


A small community in Medellin (Colombia) cooperates in producing Kutie Protocol garments: there is the lady that makes the coffee, the production manager, the guy who cuts the fabric, the apprentice who learns the craft of pattern making and the teacher that comes every week to do aerobics with the factory staff. Each and everyone is part of that group of people who respect our ideals and cooperatively generate benefits back into their community. We work together because we share a vision and we can produce quality garments to the world as a tool to improve the social context around us.  


Parents and relatives all over the world that wear, eat and live their social and ecological purpose are the ones who look for opportunities to make an impact at a personal level in their everyday lives. A new generation of awareness and consciousness is changing they way we do business and they way we live our lives. 

Kutie Protocol ::: Premium Denim Children Wear ::: Ethical Fashion ::: Grown up trends ::: Australian Label ::: Made in Colombia